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Welcome to Sense of Self…

Welcome to Sense of Self…

Welcome to Sense of Self, a safe space where personal growth is redefined.

My mission is to help individuals elevate their health and wellbeing through coaching which instills healthy habits and encourages positive mindset shifts.

I am here to help those who are currently searching for more in their life and are looking for lasting change and transformation.

What is Holistic Health and Wellness? Holistic means “whole,” and it recognises an individual has many components. Physical, Mental Emotional, and Spiritual.

In a world where challenges like depression, stress and burnout are prevalent, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-resilience, and self-worth are key.

Having frameworks that can progress you forward can be of great benefit. Are you ready and willing to dive deep into your own sense of self? To be open to implementing new behavioural changes, coping strategies and ideations?

I am here to help answer the question 'What does a valuable life look like for you? and how best can this be achieved'?

At Sense of Self Life Coaching, I am here to support you on your journey towards holistic growth and fulfillment. Welcome to a space where you can prioritise yourself and discover your true sense of self.




Join us at our workshops where you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals committed to personal development and empowerment. This experiential process will help clarify your next steps in leading a more meaningful, connected and healthy life.


As a Certified group fitness instructor, my 'In Nature' sessions, provides a truly unique hybrid experience combining walking in nature with the healing power of connective coaching.


Personal coaching focuses on holistic growth, motivation, and mindset to empower clients to rediscover their sense of self and let go of limiting beliefs and no longer serving life patterns. Leading you from uncertainly to lasting progress and change.

sense of self approach

Sense of Self Life Coaching, guides you on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and fulfillment. As the founder of Sense of Self, I bring a unique perspective and passion to help individuals embrace their authentic selves. My approach focuses on nurturing self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-empowerment. Together, we uncover what is and isn't serving you within your current reality and collaboratively develop actionable steps to create your desired reality. I am driven by the belief that true contentment stems from aligning with our core truths and values. My mission is to empower clients to reawaken their sense of self, break free from societal constraints, and embrace a more genuine and rewarding existence. In our coaching sessions, I provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their inner world without judgment. Together, we address various life domains, from uncertainties to impactful changes, guiding individuals towards lasting progress and transformation. Through a holistic approach that integrates personal coaching, in-nature coaching, workshops, and keynote speaking, Sense of Self offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for those seeking to navigate life with confidence, purpose, and authenticity. Join me on this empowering journey to rediscover your sense of self and create a life aligned with your deepest values and aspirations.

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Meet Christina


Introducing Sense of Self, a sanctuary crafted by Christina Carnie specifically for women navigating the transformative terrain of midlife. Drawing upon 25 years of rich experience working with individuals across diverse corporate and non-corporate roles, varied personalities, multicultural backgrounds, and occupational spheres, Christina has honed a unique life coaching approach tailored to the needs of midlife women. Her methodology is a fusion of evidence-based practices, holistic approaches, and mindfulness techniques, designed to guide women through a journey of self-discovery and personal growth during this pivotal stage of life. With a strong focus on personalisation and accountability, Christina's coaching style aims to deepen women's understanding of their self-identity, self-concept, individuality, uniqueness, and existential essence. Sense of Self is not just a coaching venture; it is a deeply personal creation born from Christina's own quest for authenticity and renewal. Through this soul-led endeavour, she seeks to empower midlife women to rediscover their true selves, igniting a renewed sense of purpose and vitality as they navigate the journey of midlife with grace and authenticity.

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Most instrumental helping hand along the journey of motherhood, relationships, and in the corporate world.

Christina’s beautiful soul is like no other. She shines brightly inside & out. Christina has been instrumental as a life coach & mentor for over 10 years. Her knowledge of soul-searching through the awakening process is incredible. Her strength, advice, love & nurturing nature is everything. She is optimistic. She is wise. She is a amazingly well educated. She has spiritual experience & understanding. Above all, she has been the most instrumental helping hand along the journey of motherhood, relationships, and in the corporate world as a business colleague. She has giving me strength to find confidence in myself and is continually teaching me about self love. Adore her beyond words!

Becky (Wife. Mum. Nutritionist)

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Navigating middle age transitions as a mother and daughter.

Christina helped me to navigate my feelings of self-worth as I struggled to come to terms with my life as a middle-aged woman and mother, overburdened with care responsibilities of kids and elderly parents. She gave me the support and guidance I needed to accept myself and the current stage of my life. The walk and talk coaching has been instrumental in my journey, an important gift I have given myself.


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The positive and uplifting energy you leave with after a session is immeasurable and the insight provided is invaluable.

Christina is an absolutely amazing person who welcomed me with a warm and caring connection that always ensured I felt at home’ and safe whenever I was at sense of self. The positive and uplifting energy you leave with after a session is immeasurable and the insight provided is invaluable. In my sessions, she gave me the tools I needed to find myself again, which has been difficult with work changes. children and relationships, to positively shift my mindset and focus on what is important to me. I am so grateful and appreciative for the impact Christina has made on my life and the huge impact it has had on my family life.





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